Choose the platform that best suits your needs.

Shared Service

Overall, Motus has to different environments today. The primary one is a Shared Service Platform, where multiple different clients use the same infrastructure to process and store data. Consequently, we can achieve the best price, as we are using switches, hosts, networks, and storage optimally. Furthermore, the Shared Service Platform has the lowest management cost per TB, because of our stordrifts advantages.

Even on our Shared Services Platforms, there is a possibility to choose different levels of service and speed, mirrored copies on multiple sites, and uptime and service windows are finetuned, resulting in an incredibly stabile operation.

Shaped Service

Furthermore, Motus has a variety of different dedicated environments, where you, as client, can design the solution you want, yourself.

This can be a lightning speed Flash based Storage, special backup tools, or unique demands to data integrity, where all your client data is placed in environments that are physically separated from other’s data. It can be in the form of locked racks, specially designed cages with special personal clearings, etc.

Optimal data security

All our environments are ISO 27001:2013 security certified, and besides, every single environment is placed in ISO 27001:2013 security certified data halls.

This is your guarantee that data is stored in accordance with the highest security standards – hereunder GDPR – that it is stored in Denmark, encrypted, under 24/7 surveillance, and a wide range of other security forskrifter.