When you want to acquire new systems or have data moved to our data center, we offer a wide range of services that make the process easier and more flexible.

Getting off to a good start

Project management

A tight management of schedule and processes secures that all goals and deadlines are met. A high level of communication ensures that everybody involved is up to date – and that we are reachable, when it counts. You can read about what a project management that was straight as an arrow meant to Semler Services 


When you choose to store your data in Motus Online Services – MOS – we always offer a preliminary, thorough, and free Proof of Concept. Like that you can calmly experience, how easy and convenient it is not having to worry about backup, before you decide.

The PoC made a difference for both Jeudan and Djøf 

Moving data

Data can be moved from your current environment in many different ways. Some want to transfer all old history, others want us to take over existing backup and operate that parallelly with the new systems for a period of time, while others again want to keep the old backup internally.

Depending on line capacity and amounts of data, we have different ways to make the initial data move and create a baseline on the MOS location. There are many possibilities, and we have tried most.

The optimal solution for you will be discussed and agreed upon in connection with the project management.