Backup of Office 365

With Motus Backup for Office 365, you get the ultimate protection of your data.

No, Microsoft don’t backup your data.

More and more of our clients choose to migrate their on-premise solutions on Exchange and Sharepoint to Microsoft Office 365, and start using OneDrive. The Office 365 platform is a powerful tool that makes it possible for IT leaders to use Exchange Online as an effective cloud based E-mail platform.

Microsoft handle a lot for companies; they operate their Office 365 infrastructure, and they keep uptimes for their users. But they don’t make safety copies of their data.

The backup & recovery serviced offered by Microsoft, and what the users believe they are getting, is often divergent from one another. Microsoft 365 offers geo-redundancy, which protect the users’ availability – not their data.

Accidental deletion, retention policy holes, internal and external security threats, and juridical demand specifications can all result in an extensive and fatal loss of data on an Office 365 platform. These threats are normal occurrences, which means that Office 365 backup should be a critical part of any company’s disaster recovery plan.

With Motus Backup Service for Office 365, your data are secure, and the company can decide retention periods, restore points, and whatever else you need, for yourselves.

Backup from Motus A/S – a complete solution at a great price

Motus Backup Service include backup of Office 365 for OneDrive, SharePoint, and E-mail.

We have a collaboration that is both close and tested-and-tried with the leading backup manufacturers: Veeam, Commvault, IBM, and NetApp. You are the one who chooses for how long your company want to save the security copies. And you only pay for the active users, you choose in Offie 365, not for earlier employees – despite that Motus still save their backup data.

Data is physically located in Denmark

We store data for some of the country’s biggest public as well as private companies, we are ISO 27001 certified on our backup services, and we are leading in counseling on architecture, GDPR, and all other disciplines related to backup and archiving.