Hybrid Cloud

There are many really good reasons to consider a Hybrid Cloud solution.

A Hybrid Cloud means full control of your data, but with twice the security.

This is possible, because a Hybrid Cloud uses a mix between Private Cloud and a Public Cloud. Your own IT team is thus in complete control of which data you store inhouse, and which are put in Motus Online Services.

When you consider a Cloud, it is pertinent to have security as your focus. Your data is the most valuable thing, your company has. That is why it is important to consider which Cloud Provider you want to use, and to familiarize yourself with their handling of your data and their plan, if anything goes awry.

If you choose a Hybrid Cloud Solution at Motus, you can sleep calmly, because we guarantee uptime, and we have already set up mistake scenarios, and made a solution plan for every single one. We are ensuring quality by complying to the ISO 27001:2013 standard.

Call us, so we can tell you more about our solutions, and how we differentiate ourselves.

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