Archiving is closely connected to your business’ data and backup policies.

It is essential that data is available on primary systems, and that data has been backed up, so restore can be achieved fast.
At the same time, it is important to ensure that data is moved from the primary systems and the primary backup systems and on to archivation.

Archiving has a lot of advantages, for an example:

  • Fewer costs, as data is moved from the expensive primary medias to long term archives – typically on a lot cheaper medias.
  • Compliance with standards of data storage in relation to GDPR

  • Faster restore of significant data for the business, as less data is moved from primary backup.

  • Storage efficiency: a lot of the time we can use techniques as deduplication and ompression on the large disc- and tape areas, where we help our clients store archive data.

  • In relation to the business’ compliance policies, it is an advantage that data is removed from the site and the medias, where all other data is stored.