Virtualization aims to separate the software’s dependability of the hardware layer.

As a client, that gives you a lot of advantages, as a lot of virtual entities can be operated on fewer physical units.

  • Better use of infrastructure, and, consequently, savings on hardware
  • Easier administration, fewer resources are needed to control the operation center
  • Data center and energy efficiency, smaller footprint, and lesser power use
  • Easier scaling for cloud environments
  • Better overview and consequently better proctection of data and accesses to data

Experts in virtualization

At Motus, we are experts in virtualization. Our primary focus lies on virtualization of 4 hardware platforms:

  • Server virtualization
  • Desktop virtualization (VDI)
  • Storage virtualization
  • Network virtualization

We counsel on optimal designs, licensing questions, and we help with the implementation and operation.

If you are looking for a virtualization solution, or if you have questions, you will find what you are looking for on +45 39 40 40 66.