Motus has been selected by SKI as a supplier of 02.19 SaaS-Cloud, with our Backup as a Service

If you are a public company or an institution you can choose Motus as a supplier of Backup as a Service. We are today among Denmark's largest and most professional providers and host more than 35 PB of data in our two data centers in Taastrup and Aarhus.

Remote, hybrid and cloud backup

As a provider of 02.19 SaaS-Cloud, we can offer you remote backup of servers, physical devices and entire data centers, hybrid backup if there is a local repository for quick restore, and a cloud backup at Motus for data security and archiving. Furthermore, you can have georedundant backups / archives, as we can place data at 2 different data centers in Denmark.

We always use modern backup platforms and provide cloud backup from other cloud services, such as Microsoft Azure, Microsoft O365, AWS, Salesforce etc. Data is encrypted and our backup solution is ISO 27001 certified for maximum security.

We can back up and scan e-mails, both local e-mails as well as data in cloud services such as MS O365. Protection of Endpoint devices such as smartphones, laptops and tablet devices. All supported by collecting and tagging data for later retrieval.

You can choose to backup to our shared service environments or get dedicated access to cloud systems for a 100% isolation. In addition, it is possible to integrate with a number of functional additional services to ensure, you as an authority can meet requirements and service levels for backup, as well as integration with external systems, etc.

Support for operation, development and testing

The systems can monitor, manage and report security incidents, including interacting with help desk and a wide range of external systems.

You will be able to manage internal processes, development and testing as well as document incidents in our IT systems. Cloud backup, backup of data from your own IT systems as well as external IT systems, or cloud-based systems such as cloud-based storage.

'You will benefit from support of IT development and operational tasks, e.g. using backup clones, so you can streamline development tasks and test functionality before implementing into operations, as well as restore to a previous point immediately if a development or change in the systems causes inconveniences.


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